Sam’s Super Fan Club

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It’s Easy to Join! 
So many perks, giveaways, prizes, discounts and more!!!

Simply Text:  SamGlennArt 

to: 844-491-1295

What is the Sam Glenn Super Fan Club and Why Join?

It’s a chance to connect with Sam more, be inspired, win his amazing artwork and enjoy some good laughs from time to time.

Every month, Sam will text you and it may be a video or a special he is offering on his artwork. When Sam offers a deal, grab it fast! Once deals are gone, they never come back.

Please know, our #1 priority is to lift you up, encourage you and provide something “good” to look forward to monthly.

All of the proceeds from Sam’s books and art go to support special causes and fun giveaways for his super fans.

So, join the family and let’s find strength in each other!