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Official Sam Glenn Limited Edition Prints.
(Collect Them All!) 

* Size of each print: 8.5x11 inches 

* Printed on beautiful gloss card stock paper 

* Each print comes autographed by Sam Glenn 

* Ready to frame - simply change out the print monthly:))

1. Adjust Your Sail - Attitude
2. Beautiful Winter
3. Change is Beautiful
4. The Strength of the Lioness
5. Grow Through What You Go Through
6.Weeds to Wishes
7. Lighten Up- Mooooo!
8. The Light of Hope
9. Peaks and Valleys
10.This Little Light of Mine

11. Standing Strong
12. United We Rise Up

13. Live with Courage 

14. Keep Your Head Up!

15. Don't Worry, Be Happy! 
16. Remembering Loved Ones 

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