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* Ships NOV 5th


 Book description

Ugly No More by Sam Glenn

It started with a simple question from my 5 year old daughter, "Daddy, what does ugly mean?"

Let's be real, the word "Ugly" isn't a pleasant word.  It's offensive.  Often times, it is used to describe the appearance of things or situations.  I mean, I have been called ugly and made to feel ugly.  But, I think the word goes beyond the opinions of personal appearances.

My research uncovers the truth and that us life is unfortunately filled with uglies.

  • Sickness is ugly

  • Depression is ugly

  • Addiction is ugly

  • The loss of a loved one is ugly

  • A Toxic Workplace is ugly

  • Bad service is ugly

  • An ugly attitude makes everything ugly. A better attitude makes everything better. 

I bet you can think of a story, a moment or situation in you life that you could realistically define it as ugly - not so great.

However, this is a book of hope.  It offers a more healthy and resilient way to deal with life's "uglies".

I have included many "ugly to uplifting" stories that will inspire you to keep going when life unexpectedly trips you up.  "Uglies" don't make appointments, so how do equip our mental and emotional skills to transform something messy into something meaningful.  I believe and have proof that our attitude is the key game changer to transforming a mess into a masterpiece.
I know for a fact, you will gain so much value from reading this book.  It will empower you to see and respond to life in a different way - a better way!

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